Monday, May 11, 2009

New Moon Monday

Here is our 3rd installment of New Moon Monday. I wanted to shout out the 2 sites that generate most of the information that I share with my readers. The first is Now, some of you may remember that I did a review and giveaway for TwilightMOMS back when Grab Bag was just getting it's blog legs. We had alot of fun, and I saw then how many of you are Twilight Fanatics! I'm a member on the forums and love the quality info and the grip on reality that they have (all while having their heads in the clouds at the same time!)

The second site is Not all of their information is official, but if it's not confirmed, they let you know. Daily there are numerous updates, so if you need a Twilight Saga fix, that's where you need to be!

Now, onto the show.... Ashley Greene (Alice) is reporting that they have hit the halfway mark in the filming process. Sometime in May they will be headed to Italy!

More big news for the Twilight Saga... Summit has set a release date for Eclipse! “Eclipse,” opens June 30, 2010

Vacinity Alley got some great shots from filming. This looks to be the scene where Bella, Jacob, and Mike all head to the movies. There are also a few of when Bella and Jessica head out for their first girl's night. This is the first time in the books when Bella hears Edward, but RPatz was nowhere to be seen.

Original Poster for Bella & Jessica's Zombie Movie Scene

Bella, Jacob, and Mike at the Theater

Summit has set a release date for Eclipse! “Eclipse,” opens June 30, 2010

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