Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Product Review: Green Acre Designs cloth diapers

I'm not sure who is aware and who is not, but we recently started cloth diapering again. I love how cute cloth looks on Luke's bum (and Henry's before potty training) and one of our most favorite brands is Green Acre Designs. We have only had a chance to use her pocket diapers, but she also makes All-in-ones, fitteds, and covers. Her hemp french terry inserts are the best bar none, and she has a slew of other great crunchy products on her website. However, her custom diapers are limited to only a few slots per week. We've been lucky enough to get 2 of those slots in the past, and they are my faaaavorite diapers! The fit is so trim, but they're also very stuffable for great absorbancy. Her diapers are side snapping which means curious little fingers have an almost impossible time of taking them off. Score one for mom!
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