Monday, November 24, 2008

Product Review: Inspired By Finn

What is one of the most dreaded stages of infancy and toddlerhood? Teething! Teething poops, teething drool, and teething pain are all part of the awful spectrum. If you're a mama who is eco-friendly or concerned with overmedicating your kiddos this becomes an even bigger problem. How can you ease your baby's pain without hurting the environment and pumping them full of over the counter meds? In my search of relief for my 10 month old son I was told about Inspired By Finn teething necklaces. They are made of baltic amber beads that when placed against the skin and allowed to warm up release natural oils that are supposed to help soothe the teething pain. I was very sceptical that a necklace seeming to having nothing to do with my son's mouth could make a difference in his level of discomfort, but I was willing to giving it a try.

I purchased my son's necklace and, upon recieving it in the mail, immediatley put it on him. As I watched him play I paid close attention looking for any change in his demeanor. Within 10 minutes he was notably calmer, he was drooling less, and he seemed to be much more at ease than before. I couldn't believe the remarkable difference I was noticing in such a short amount of time, but I was sold! My son has gotten some strange looks, and I've gotten some strange comments ("Are boys supposed to wear necklaces?!") but this is working great for us.

Inspired By Finn has an entire line of baby, toddler, and mama baltic amber jewelry. Apart from teething the jewlery also boasts relief of a number of other problems including joint pain, and headaches. They come in varying lengths, colors, and bead styles and they offer bracelets as well as necklaces. Next time around I'm buying a necklace for my 3 year old and mama is getting some bling too! Too bad these necklaces don't help with those teething poops. Now THAT would be a product a mama could love!

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