Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sick Monkeys

It never fails. As soon as I carve out time to do something for myself there is always a large unavoidable hiccup. My last post was about shots, lumps, and ERs (oh my!). That has now morphed into bronchitis, ear infections, and fevers (oh my!). My little man is on an antibiotic, steroid, and cough medicine until this sickness clears up. Which I hope is sooner rather than later. His sleep has been almost non-existent and he has become my shadow. If I dare to leave him in the room along he has a complete meltdown full with kicking legs, flailing arms, and high pitched screams. He also just got into super glue. Thankfully I was able to get his fingers rinsed and the glue set before he touched anything, but he's currently having a fit because his fingers feel funny. So pray for me. HA! But seriously.

We should be back to our regularly, newly, scheduled programming once he is on the mend.

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