Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training Monkeys

Have you ever tried to train a monkey? They're wild, unpredictable, and loud - not to mention the bug eating and poop throwing. Everything is bound to be more interesting *coughchaoticcough* when there are monkeys involved.

On the upside, moneys are smart, resourceful, and darn cute! See?

Today I have to try to keep 3/4 of my brood in line while we go to the doctor for well visits. My monkey girl is getting her 6 month check, even though she turned 7 months old yesterday, and my littlest boy is having his 2 year done. This should be interesting. Coughchaoticcough Sorry, don't know what happened there. Maybe I should see the doctor?
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Unknown said...

Training monkeys .. haha very cute :-) they're both adorable.

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