Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm back!

Hello, blogosphere. It seems like ages since we last met. Actually, it has been 2 years and some odd months... so ages isn't exactly an exaggeration. I've missed the readers, I've missed the outlet that blogging is for me, and I've missed connecting with so many amazing people across the globe. As my family has grown, my world has shrunk and become a small hub around me. I want to open myself back up to all of you. Today my kitchen is (mostly) clean, the littlest monkeys are napping, and now looks like a great time to reconnect!

When we left off,my husband and I only had 2 little boys. Like I said before, our family has continued to grow and we have been blessed with 2 more children - the 4th, a girl. We've also come back home to the south, although to a city we had neither explored nor lived in. Life is it's own adventure, I suppose, and my monkeys keep it interesting.

So keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled, because there is so much fun to come!

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