Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BabyLegs SuperSoft Review & Giveaway

I've been a fan of BabyLegs for quite some time. I started cloth diapering my first son when he was about a year old, and BabyLegs were the perfect side kick. Cute fluffy butt, and rockin' leggins to complete the look without hiding the diaper! They're great for keeping little knees in tip top shape even when being scraped over floors while learning to crawl, and they're perfect for diaper changes on the fly.

When I was found out I was going to be reviewing BabyLegs I was, of course, ecstatic. I knew I would have tons to say and thought I knew everything about them. Well, low and behold they have come out with a brand new line of BabyLegs that are SuperSoft! Even better! They feel like heaven on your skin, and are so toasty warm. The length is longer than the traditional baby legs which makes them great for older kids and moms! I wore them on my arms and it felt better than silk, and kept me nice and toasty without the bulky feel of layering. The elastic is also more forgiving which means for mama's sausage arms, they don't discontinue the flow of my blood. That's always a good thing.

With 9 different styles, plenty of girly and boyish options, you're hard pressed to find anything not to love about the SuperSoft BabyLegs! And for 1 lucky reader, you'll get the chance to have a mini BabyLegs shopping spree!

BabyLegs is giving away a $20 Gift Certificate so you can style up your little one's wardrobe (or your own) with some new BabyLegs! Just head over to Busy Mom to enter!

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Anonymous said...

I love baby legs! I love to use them in the winter time to keep my daughter warm in the cute holiday dresses, and in the summer time when it starts to cool down at night...instead of changing her into pants I just slip on the baby legs!

Samantha said...

I adore baby legs. DS has 2 pair and they have came in really handy for potty training.

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