Monday, January 19, 2009


It can be very hard to find quality toys that can outlive your child's interest or ability to play with them. I can't tell you how many toys we've had shattered, torn apart, colored beyond recognition, or just thrown in the back of a closet to be forgotten forever. That will never be the case with our PlanToys! This exceptional line of toys are beautifully hand-made from all natural rubberwood, non-toxic glue, water or soy based dyes, recyclable and recycled materials. Their sturdy contruction gives them a higher life expectancy than most of the toys we've had.

I was sent the Musical Band, which is essentially a drum set. I did have to assemble it, but with only 2 screws and a few pieces fitting together easily, I had it all together in about 2 minutes. Both of my boys love this, even though it says for 3 and up. The sound is actually very musical. I think this is what surprised me the most of anything, because every other child's instruments we've tried (and we've tried ALOT!) has been shrill, annoying, and the opposite of melodic. The drum has a deep thud thud thud, and the cymbal gives a nice tink tink tink that the boys loved and I, in fact, enjoyed myself! There is also a ridged piece that you drag the drumsticks across that is remniscent of pulling a twig accross a picket fence. This little band held my boys attnetion for an extended period of time, and they actually played together really well. I gave them each a musical task, I joined in, and we had such a blast!

If you're looking to add to your toy collections with ethical, eco-conscious brands that stimulate little minds then PlanToys should be your next stop.

And now onto the fun part for YOU! If you would like to win the same Musical Band that my boys have (new, not our used one LOL) then see below.

How To Enter: Go to BusyMom and enter!

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Felicia said...

This looks like a blast!! Graham would love it! I"ll have to check it out!

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