Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laptop Lunches

The days of brown bagging it are long gone. Laptop Lunches has come up with the perfect alternative. No more wasted plastic baggies, no more plastic forks and spoons. When you bring your lunch in a Laptop container your food stays compartmentalized and whatever you don't finish can be stored for later, creating less waste. With 4 food containers and your own fork and spoon, there is more than enough room for your meal. Just imagine all of the trash you will be keeping out of the landfills by bringing a Laptop Lunch, and imagine the moolah you'll be saving yourself by not eating out!

This is one of the most practical and innovative food products I've seen a long time. It fills both needs and wants and helps to aid us in our fight to Go Green! There was a cool little booklet that came with this that outlines the impact that disposable products are having on our world, and also some really yummy and healthy lunch ideas that pack perfectly into your Laptop Lunch. Now I know you want one, so read on!

How To Enter: Go to Busy Mom and enter HERE!

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