Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wee Step Soft Sole Shoes Review

I'm excited about the fact that soft soled shoes are the best for my children's developing feet. They don't restrict the growth and help them to keep good balance. And until they stable walkers it's best to keep them in a shoe that is flexible. This is such an easy thing for me to do for my little ones and the options are continually growing. But with more options comes more confusion, so let me tell you about one company in particular that is leading the way for our little ones to walk.

My most recent discovery in the world of soft sole shoes is WeeSteps. Their shoes give you some great options with creative designs. These handcrafted line goes on easy and the elastic that holds the top and bottom together also keeps little hands from pulling the shoes off like they would socks. Being fourth generation shoe makers, WeeStep has a particular advantage in knowing not only what feet need, but also want we want to put on them. The designs on the tops of the shoes also help to stimulate mini minds and hands by encouraging grabbing and exploring.

Pair these natural shoes with any outfit you like. Whatever color you are looking for you'll find it here at WeeStep. And to aid you in your quest to fill your babies' shoe racks, WeeStep is providing Grab Bag readers a 20% off discount code!! So use code WEEBSYM0205 when you checkout at WeeStep.com for our special discount.

Coupon good through February 5th at midnight PST.

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