Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bee Bop Band by Parents Review

My youngest son turned 1 year old on October 21st. *sniff sniff* Ok, holding the tears back. We had just moved from the deep south all the way over to the midwest, and had no family around for his birthday. So, before we moved we had an impromptu first birthday party with my parents where he opened all of his presents. Well, tell me what parent is going to let their child's actual first birth DAY pass without a single present? Not this mama!

We were still in the thick of unpacking and trying to get our house organized enough that it was liveable so I ran out to Target to see what I could see. Target has a great selection of toys, but for my little music lover, when I saw the Parents Bee Bop Band, I knew it was THE gift! 5 toys in 1, the drum is also the holder for the instruments, and there are enough different items that he can share with his brother. It was a winner! I grabbed it off the shelf and practically hid it in my coat, running to the register, so no one would steal this wonderful find from me. (Ok, so maybe that's a bit of an exageration, but I didn't want anyone to take it!)

This mini band was a huge hit with both boys from the moment they saw it. My youngest's favorite is the Xylophone Ladybug and my oldest loves the Drumsticks and, now that it's Christmas time, the "jingle bells", as he calls them. This set really is so cute! The colors are vibrant, and they're all made of a very sturdy plastic, except for the bells whose legs are a nice pliable plastic. It's so much fun for the kids to make their own music, and with the plethora of insturments included everyone in the family can be in the band at the same time! The fact that the drum is also the holder is a wonderful bonus! This makes cleanup a breeze, and even easier to store. We have a little spot on our bookshelves where it fits perfectly, but even sitting on the floor beside a toy box it won't look out of place.

For a retail price of $22.99 this Bee Bop Band is also a really great bargain! And if you buy it online at Target right now you also get free shipping! Be sure to order yours in time for Christmas!
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Margie said...

My boys have this too!!! They love it - I get headaches, but as long as they're happy - I can deal :)

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