Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dapper Snapper Review

If you have a skinny minny child, like I do, then you know that getting pants to fit them right is a constant struggle. The pants are either too short in the legs and fit them in the waist, or they are the right length but swimming in the waistband. I've tried the kiddie belts before and while they work, my son doesn't like them rubbing the front of his belly, and he is also potty trained, so that's just another, "Moooom" I have to hear when he needs to go to the bathroom. Well, guess what? This is a problem NO MORE! Yup, no more. No belts, no huge waistbands, no more problems.

A wonderful momprenure has invented the solution for all our droopy drawer dilemas - the Dapper Snapper! This ingenious little product is made of stretchy waistband material with metal snaps so that you adjust the size. You simply place it through the back belt loops of your little one's pants, bring it around and snap to the tightness you need. It's so easy and so convenient. Once it's on you're done, there is no undoing and redoing with bathroom trips or diaper changes. The best part, for me, is that the Dapper Snapper was made for moms by a mom. No one understands a mother's need more than another mother. Michelle saw a need and she has met it with the Dapper Snapper!

And now, not only can you be happy because their pants aren't falling down, but they can have fun with it too. Michelle has introduced new Snapcessories! These cute little accessories snap right onto the Dapper Snapper to give it a personalized look. They have everything from monkeys (my favorite!) to cupcakes, butterflies to basket balls. Now your little one can enjoy their Dapper Snapper as much as you are!

So, don't deal with droppy drawers anymore. Fix it in a snap with the Dapper Snapper!
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