Friday, December 5, 2008

Documentary Review: Strong Enough To Break

Most people remember Hanson as those little boys who MMMBopped up the pop charts back in the mid 90s. For me, those are some very fond memories. I was a die-hard Fanson. Yes. I said FANSON. They released 2 albums, that I knew of, with their major label and them seemingly dropped off the face of the planet... or the music world at the very least.
Imagine my surprise, when I decided to search YouTube for them a while back and found that they were far from gone from the music biz! After their label was taken over by monster mogul Def Jam, Hanson fought tooth and nail to take their music in the direction they wanted. More grown up, less pop, REAL. Def Jam wanted the bubblegum sweetness that was Hanson in it's heyday. After much deliberation the 3 brothers decided to record their next album, This Time Around, under their own label, 3CG.
This documentary, by Ashley Greyson, shows the struggle and strength that have come from Hanson's many years in the music business. The film shows us, the little guys, what the bigwigs and music company execs are really like. You get a personal feel for the music industries fickle practices, and how they will promote you one day and try to bury you the next. The music in the documentary is stellar, and the album that was produced as a result of the fight for their own music, is a truly powerful album!
You can watch the entire documentary through Hanson's YouTube handle ITZHANSON. I really enjoyed this film and was truly baffled by the insights into the music business. You have to be a passionate and dedicated artist to pull through all that Hanson has been through! I hope you enjoy the documentary as much as I did!

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