Thursday, December 11, 2008

Children's Book Review: Busy! by Annie Kubler

Does your little love have a favorite book? For my youngest that book is Busy! by Annie Kubler. He sits on the rug for endless amount of time just flipping from page to page, back to another page, and then to another. Busy! is a great action book that starts with movements like walk, push, reach, and then ends with interactions like kiss, share, and laugh. Each adjective has it's own adorable picture that little one's will just love!

The absolute best part of this book is how you and your child can act out each word together. This will keep a baby, and even an older child who has trouble sitting still, interested for the entire length of the book! Along with keeping your child active, and giving their attention span some exercise, this Busy! teaches good things like sharing, brushing your teeth and hair, giving, and caring for others. Busy! is so simple it's great for even the youngest toddler, but it has so many positive aspects you'll be reading it for years to come!

Annie Kubler has published many other wonderful children's books. Some of those are Waiting for Baby, My New Baby, and My First Signs. With such a helpful variety of books I strongly recommend that you treat your kiddos to an Annie Kubler book!
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