Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Product Review: Polka Dot Pancake

Polka Dot Pancake is truly a one of a kind design team. Brandi and Callie, the creators of Polka Dot Pancake and the design duo, make "quirky accessories and decor" that in unlike anything you've ever seen. Each piece is unique and hand crafted by one or both of these ladies. The style is chunky and funky with a girly twist. They make everything from lego jewelry, which I own, to hodgepodge photo frames, to 100% personalized items featuring your favorite indie band. If you can dream it up they can make it! The quality is top notch and I can't help but wonder how they drill the holes in the legos and then get them to be so secure!

Whatever tickles your fancy Polka Dot Pancake either has it will make it for you! These pieces are absolutley wonderful and so much fun to look at and wear. You will get be getting tons of compliments when you wear your Polka Dot Pancake gear!

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Polka Dot Pancake said...

Hi Heather! I've just now seen this blog! Thank you so much for featuring us! You are too sweet!

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