Friday, March 27, 2009

Born 2 Impress

Newborn babies are beautiful, soft, squishy... and they all look a whole heck of a lot alike! I can't even begin to count the number of times that my boys were mistaken as girls, and I even remember one time when I was out with both of them, and my baby was dressed all in blue, blue socks on, and someone said what a pretty little girl he was!

If you have a little girl, I'm sure you've already bought a plethora of hair bows and headbands to make these moments less frequent. But the most adorable girly accessories I've found are at Born 2 Impress. Jennifer, the creator of Born 2 Impress, started making things for her little girl and after her collection had grown, started her website at the bidding of her husband. That to me says volumes. If someone is making things for their own child and loves them so much that they just HAVE to put it out there for the rest of us, then you know it's a product to love, and it comes already mom approved!

With sweet headbands, one of a kind hats and headwraps, clippies, and a plethora of other accessories, you can doll your little girl up with these unique designs! And don't worry, there are plenty of beautiful things, like totes and purses, to choose from for your older girls too. Check out Born 2 Impress for all your girly accessory needs.

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