Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Fridge Broke

Friday was a whirlwind of a day, for sure. To start things off, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Just really in a foul mood. It's pretty rare that I'm like this, so it just felt like it was going to be a bad day from the get go. Then, as The Hubby is leaving for work, an officer writes us a ticket for being parked facing the wrong direction on the street. Um. I'm from Alabama. We don't park on the street. I had NO IDEA your car had to be facing a certain direction. He could have given us a warning, but no, it was a ticket. It's only $15, but still. I can't help but wonder why he gave us a ticket, but not the 5 or 6 cars parked on the totally WRONG side of the street. Not to mention there are signs posted every 10 feet saying in red letters NO PARKING ON THIS SIDE OF THE STREET AT ANY TIME. Them? They get by free. Me? Parking facing the wrong direction, on the right side of the street. I get a ticket. Whatever.

So the day continues, and it was around 1pm. My landlord had called about 2 weeks ago saying he would be in town sometime around this time, so I was calling just to check in and see what his plans were. He says, "Well, this is funny. I'm on my way to your house right now! I'll be there in about 10 seconds. That's funny, huh?" Yea. Effing hilarious. My house was in no shape for company, let alone a landlord, so I politely tell him that tomorrow would be much better. He says no biggie, but he's still going to get into the garage and get some of his stuff out. No problem. He stays on the phone with me (did I mention he drags out phone conversation?) and sort of gets on my case about a window screen being out, and the garbage cans not being put back in the garage. The garbage just ran the day before! Anyhow, fine whatever. The whole time he was there I was jumpy, worried he would come and demand to come into my messy house against my wishes. He didn't, thank goodness!

And then it was dinner time. I go to get some chicken out of the freezer to make Chicken Tikka Masala and notice the chicken is soft... not at all frozen. Oh no. I check the fridge, and it's warm too. Craaaap. Now, I am in the position where I need someone to come look at it, but, as noted before, my house is a mess. So I clean for about 45 minutes, the house looks good, I call the landlord. No answer. Go figure. I started calling some repair places and they all either only service commercial fridges or it's too late. CRAAAAP! Meanwhile, my $300 worth of groceries are rotting away. I threw some of the more important items in the empty recycling bin and put them out on the porch in the cold.

The landlord finally called me back during the boys bath time, and gave me the number of the place he bought the fridge from, and the number to his friend the repairman. I called and left a message at the first one, and then called his friend. He scheduled to come out at 9 on Saturday.
He came and spent about 20 minutes looking at the fridge. It's kaput. The compressor was shot and our landlord decided to get a new one, rather than sink $600 into an 8 year old fridge. So, we were supposed to have a new fridge by last night!

I forgot to ask the landlord what time the delivery was scheduled for, so, I call the appliance place and ask. They say our fridge isn't on the truck, and it won't be delivered until Monday. NOT acceptable. I tell them on our receipt and delivery notice it has today as the delivery date. They told me the salesman would call me back, so I waited an hour and after no call back I put in another call, this time to customer service to try to reach him directly. He's at lunch. How convenient. I had to leave, so The Hubby manned the phone and when I came back home he said they called and would be delivering around 5pm. Perfect.

Five rolls around, and the delivery men show up. They have to take the doors off of the new fridge to get it in, and the old fridge to get it out, put the doors back on the new fridge, switch out the water line from the old one to the new one b/c the one on the new fridge is broken. Then they tell me the new fridge is 2 inches too wide to fit in the space in our kitchen. Peeerfect. Oh, and he told me he needed his money and he needed to leave. Thanks for the help, there, buddy! So, I start dismantling our cabinets, literally taking them off of the wall, out of the floor. I got everything taken apart, moved them over 2 inches, and completely reinstalled them. I ROCK! Just call me superwoman. I called our landlord to tell him the good news and he says, "You get two thumbs up!" Ummm, ok. LOL Thanks, I guess.

So, to make a long story short, it was an INSANE weekend! Totally hectic, crazy, stressful, eventful... L-O-N-G. I'm so glad the weekend is almost over!

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