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*ENDED* Ecostore USA Giveaway

In my search to go green, I have tried a lot of different products. For cleaning I've tried the name brands that claim to be green {but still smell an awful lot like chemicals!}, I've tried the top organic brands cleaning supplies, I've tried Bronner's Magic Soaps, and I've even made my own. Health and beauty products offer even more alternatives than cleaning, so you can imagine how many of those options I've tried. One of my all time favorite brands is a company that is new to the US. Ecostore USA is a company that originated in Australia and is now bringing their spectacular line of eco-friendly cleaners and health and beauty products to the US through Meijer.

Everything that they manufacter is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals, and giving people environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce our carbon footprint. Here is a list of my favorite products from Ecostore USA.

Dish Liquid - Ahhhh, this stuff is AMAZING! I live in the stone-age. I don't have a dishwasher. And the worst part is? I HATE WASHING DISHES! The Ecostore Dish Liquid cut through all the crap on my dishes, and I wet my sponge when I first started scrubbing and the bubbles and cleaning power lasted through my entire ENORMOUS load of dishes. You see that picture? Those are all of the dishes that I washed with one teaspoon sized squirt of the Ecostore Dish Liquid. Half way through the load, I was impressed, and as I neared the end my mouth was hanging open. I even dropped it in the dirty dish water, rang it out, and it still had bubbles and cleaning power in it! My favorite!!

Laundry Liquid - I love the dish liquid, but the laundry liquid runs a close second! At first I thought the bottle was small, and that I wouldn't be able to get many loads out of it, but you only use a few tablespoons, and it does an amazing job! This combined with their Pure Oxygen Whitener has my clothes smelling, looking, and feeling cleaner than I've ever seen them.

Pure Oxygen Whitener - This is a color safe whitener that does wonders on stains. If I have a particularly grungy load, I throw in a few tablespoon, let the load sit for 30 minutes or so, and then start it. It's magic! And best of all, you don't have to use that pricey, chemical layden oxygen cleaner anymore!

Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner - This is an all-purpose cleaner that is great to use in kitchens, bathrooms, or any other hard surface. When I first sprayed this on my kitchen counters, I wiped it with a slightly damp microfiber towel, and then had to sniff the counter to make sure there was something more than water in here! It cleaned everything right up, but the scent is so minimal that I had to search for it! The days of spraying cleaners to make it smell like you were hard at work are over!

Baby Nappy Balm - Nappies {a.k.a. diapers to us Americans} can cause painful rashes. Thankfully, we haven't dealt with one since using Ecostore's Nappy Balm, but that's the whole point. You apply this balm at every diaper change to prevent diaper rash!

Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap - I love the light, clean scent of this soap. It lathers nicely and rinses clean, leaving behind the faintest hint of sweetness.

Manuka & Sandalwood Shampoo and Conditioner - This yummy scented shampoo and conditioner combo has the lightest scent of rich sandalwood. This is one of my favorite earthy smells, and the manuka compliments it nicely. The shampoo washes clean easily, and the conditioner leaves your hair smooth and tangle free without feeling weighed down.

These and so many more great products can be found on the Ecostore website. Right now, when you checkout from Ecostore's online selection you get a $2 off coupon good towards any purchase an Meijer! This in honor of their big kick off they are having with Meijer stores.

Can't wait to buy it? Want to win it? Ecostore USA is letting me give one of my readers my 2 favorite products! So the winner of this giveaway will be getting Ecostore's Dish Liquid and Laundry Liquid. FABULOUS!

How To Enter: Go to Ecostore USA's website and then tell me one other product that you would love to try. {THIS IS MANDATORY. PLEASE, INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS}

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Contest ends April 9th. Please leave your email address.

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nfmgirl said...

I would love to try the toilet cleaner. I'm looking for a gentle cleanser that won't harm my septic system.

nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

Maggie said...

I would love to try their Baby Moisturizer. Thanks for the giveaway!

Annie said...

I have heard wonderful things about coconut oil so I think that the "Coconut Soap" would definitely be on my favourite list!


Annie said...

I follow you on Twitter and I Tweeted

greeeneyedwhwomWin Eco Store USA Products

twitter name (greeeneyedwhwom)


susan said...

I added on twitter and tweeted.

Jakesmommie said...

I REALLY want to try their baby soaps. I have a son that has super sensitive skin and have to use natural cleansers.

YZgirl4 said...

I would love to try the baby body wash


Anonymous said...

I'd also like to try the baby body wash on my son.


Anonymous said...

tweeted the giveaway

Mona said...

the baby moisturizer is something we need and it sounds so good!

Laureen said...

I would like to try the Rosemary Orange Shampoo as my hair is both fine and oily! Thanks!

lmarston at yahoo dot com

Laureen said...

I've been a happy subscriber! Thanks.
lmarston at yahoo dot com

gahome2mom said...

I'm in need of the the Pure Oxy Whitener. Thanks.


gahome2mom said...

Follow - gahome2mom (at) gmail (dot) com

gahome2mom said...

Button on blog: ABC Listed


Anonymous said...

I would love to try the hypoallergenic pet shampoo, I have a bulldog with sensitive skin.

Emily B said...

I blogged:

Anonymous said...

i would love to try the auto dish wash. i have been looking fot a good green one.

*psst! the last link to their store actually goes to an etsy store.*

TheCrockPotDork said...

I'd love to try Baby Sleepytime Bath - love anything with Lavender in it!!

Carolyn G said...

I want to try the dish liquid. I need something that won't make my hands dry and ooky,.

Ricki said...

I subscribed through google with Seksiricki @ gmail dot come.

Kaitlin said...

I'd like to try the baby sleepytime bath.


SHERRi SMiTH said...

I would LOVE to try the Baby Sleepytime Bath & also the Ear Wash for doggies =)


SHERRi SMiTH said...

I tweeted about the contest as well -

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Today I am leaving 100 comments.
Stop by to wish me luck.

Have a great day!

Nelsby said...

Tough choice...but I would have to go with the Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner.
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Nelsby said...

I shared this post on user name is Nelsby.
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Nelsby said...

I faved your blog on user name is Nelsby.
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Nelsby said...

I am following you on Twitter AND I Tweeted about this giveaway:
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

5webs said...

Well, the product that I have always wanted to try the most, is the Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap, but since you covered that in your blog, my second choice would be the Vanilla Soap.
Alicia Webster

Jennifer said...

I would love to try the baby massage oil!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

Tamara B. said...

I would love to try their Pure Oxygen Whitener or their Toilet Cleaner.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try the Leave-In Conditioner for my dogs.

Also, I am trying to subscribe via email and the subscribe link isn't working. Can you send me the link? amgconz at gmail dot com

Andreah said...


cpullum said...

I love the Fused Glass Abstract Flower Pendant!

amweeks said...

I'd love to try the Vanilla shampoo & conditioner! Their pet care products look great dog could use the ear wash!

yyeres said...

I would like to try the Baby Body Wash. yyeres(at)gmail(dot)com

Tiffany said...

Forgot to leave my email address.
tref0109 (at) gmail (dot) com.

And I don't see my earlier comment - so here goes again.

I'd like to try the toilet cleaner and the auto dish detergent.

Anonymous said...

With all the talk about the dangers of children's shampoos, I would like to try their Baby Shampoo.

miss thrifty said...

I would love to try the baby lotion for my daughters girls!

I also added you to my blog and you are welcome to post there every friday!

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I think their coconut soap sounds really nice!


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I am a subscriber!


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I have you favved on my Technorati!

Username: wastebasket


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I stumbled your giveaway

Username: wastebasketsa


Tylerpants said...

Would love to try the Baby Moisturizer, seems very soothing for my son's delicate skin.

trixpixel said...

I'd love to try the Baby Body Wash, it seems very gentle.


bison61 said...

I'd like to try their Herbal Fresh Shampoo for pets

tiramisu392 (at)

Marianna said...

i want to try their baby body wash and lotion


Marianna said...

i have your button on my sidebar

Marianna said...

i blogged about it

janetfaye said...

I would like to try the Coconut Soap.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I follow on Twitter and I sent a tweet:

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

GabbyLowe said...

I would like to try the coconut soap.

Laura DeLuca

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