Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swami Baby Review

"Giving voice to our wise little ones"

Isn't it amazing how perceptive and intelligent our children are? There are all of these books and shows that talk about how kids say the darndest things, but when you take a step back and really see the pure, unadulterated insight that they have into the world, it's amazing!

Swami Baby gives even the teeniest babies a powerful voice. A voice to remind you that they are constantly changing, a voice to remind you to breathe, a voice to tell you how well you're doing. There are 4 powerfully simple sayings to choose from in the Swami Sayings line, and then there are the Elements shirts. For me, this line tells me that no matter how you may have your child pegged, we all have a little bit of every element in us. Just when I think my big boy is all spit and fire, that flame hisses from some powerfully flowing water. And just when I think he's rooted and earthy, he becomes a wind and blows all signs of hippy out of the water!

Swami Baby is the newest, hippest clothing for your Earth Angel and for yourself. Their adult designs are just as to-the-point, and just as trendy and the children's. So, whether you want your children to be the strong silent type, or if you prefer to live out loud yourself, Swami Baby can give you that voice.

Check out the entire line of Swami Baby children's and adult clothing HERE!

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