Monday, March 9, 2009

Movietime Monday Has Me Thinking

Last week was crazy. I'm saying that like it was a long time ago, and I actually only finished the last giveaway at 10pm last night! We had thunderstorms come through and they knocked the power out for a little bit, so that threw me behind schedule.

Speaking of, does anyone actually say schedule like shhhhedule? Just curious. I only think I've heard it once, on the Great Mouse Detective.That's a really great movie.

I love all of the old Disney Classics. The first specific birthday gift that I remember was Cinderella. Unfortunately, I only remember that one because I was disappointed that I didn't get a sandbox instead.

Then there was a string of Disney movies with sexual innuendos, or more than innuendo. There was a boner in The Little Mermaid (had by a priest no less!), the genie in Aladin instructing Jasmine and Aladin to "take your clothes off", and then the dandilions spelling out s-e-x in the wind in The Lion King. Oh that Disney, they sure know how to kid!

But is it really a joke? When you think about how illustrations are made, frame by frame, inch by inch of drawing, could these things really be slip-ups? I think not. And then voice-overs, psh. Just try to tell me that someone didn't catch Robin Williams slipping that one in while he was in a booth voicing over the movie. Puh-leez!

Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things. Disney is a powerhouse, and no amount of Blogger fury will bring them down. Just a heads up though.

Has anyone ever seen these parts of the movies that I'm talking about?

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Jackie said...

I remember when the little mermaid thing was all the rage.

The animators said that it was his knee....yeah RIGHT!

Monster Fluff Studio said...

Yep and there are tons more in different movies..all you have to do is look it up on youtube! I'm surprised to notice when I was watching looney tunes with my son the nude paintings in a few of them in the background. There's also a nude picture in the Disney Rescuer's movie. Sad, guess I'll be sticking to Thomas the train for

Heather said...

Oh yea, I looked at Snopes and at some views you can see it as his knee, but I don't believe for a second that they made it to look the way they did on purpose!

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