Monday, March 16, 2009

We Have Arrived

Here I am, blogging Grab Bag for my first time from the South. It's nice and warm here, we haven't put on long sleeves since we crossed the state line, and every evening you can smell the grills firing up! Spring has sprung in the South!

It's been mind boggling going from freezing temperatures and brown shrunken "grass" to green hills, and budding trees. Something about it doesn't feel quite right, but then, there is the strange familiar sense that this is home. The sounds are so different from what I've been hearing, and yet, they are all so comforting. I'm back to hearing crickets at night and having moths swarm every light they can find. The air is so moist and thick that you can literally feel a layer of it clinging to your skin. It makes my hair poofy and my knees sweaty (yes, even my knees sweat in this humidity!). It makes my laugh louder, and puts my soul at ease. Home.

Be sure and take some time today to remember your home. Your childhood. All of the good things in life that put your soul at ease. They are too easily forgotten!

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Ohana Mama said...

Are you guys just visiting or did you move...did I miss this?! Great post Heather!! Enjoy yourselves!


Heather said...

No, just visiting! We haven't been back since we left in October and it was time to see the family. The Hubby's b'day was Sunday, so that was part of the reason for coming back - to celebrate!

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