Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BabyLegs Bonanza!

BabyLegs have been a passion of mine ever since I discovered cloth diapers for my first son. They were so adorable, kept his knees from getting red and scratched while crawling, and, um, did I mention they're adorable??

Since the beginning BabyLegs has branched out and now has more types, patterns, and colors than ever. I'm about to tell you a secret, but it's not one I want you to keep to yourself. Tell EVERYONE you know!

Have you heard of HauteLook.com? This amazing site offers members EXCLUSIVE access to sales on designer/name brand labels with the likes of Bebe, Gucci, BCBG, and BabyLegs being in the mix!

My secret? A little birdy told me that starting tomorrow the Super Soft BabyLegs, which are normally $22, will be on sale at HauteLook for $10 !!! That's more than HALF OFF! Be sure to enter referral email addy info@grabbagreviews.com

This starts tomorrow so don't lose out! Sign up for HauteLook.com TODAY!

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Anonymous said...

So glad I just bought some on babysteals, so that i won't be tempted. But thanks for the heads up. I LOVE hautelook!

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