Monday, April 13, 2009

Kids Konserve

My son is exstatic about going to preschool. He talks about backpacks, playgrounds, and the all essential lunch box/bag. For those of us who are trying to go green it can feel like our choices are limited and we are doomed to Wal-Mart type cooler lunch boxes, or brown bagging it. Not with Kids Konserve!

Kids Konserve Waste-Free Lunch Kit allows our children to lessen their carbon footprint, while looking and feeling cool all at the same time! The lunch kit comes in great trendy patterns and includes 2 stainless steel containers with lids, reusable sandwich wraper, placemat/napkin, stainless steel drink bottle, and a bag (with a label for your child's name!) to put everything in!

Here is some more great info.

Choose to REUSE and REDUCE:
Kids Konserve is greening the way we pack our lunches and snacks. Waste-free lunch kits and eco-cool reusable lunch products... Toss out the baggies, fold up the foil, Kids Konserve empowers children and parents to do their part in saving the environment. Kids Konserve challenges children and families to cut down on the waste created by packing lunches, while teaching about the importance of reuse. The company was sparked by the amount of trash that was coming home from our preschooler's lunch. We took what has been a family endeavor, reducing the amount of trash we put into the landfills, and made it a business that will help all families. Kids Konserve offers its reusable lunch products directly to individuals, families and also as a fund raising opportunity in schools. Kids Konserve can help lead to a major savings in our landfills and hence reduce greenhouse gases. All items are eco-friendly and made from the safest non-leaching materials available, and all items are sold separately. Making it easier for you and for our environment; Kids Konserve.
Go waste-free this Earth Day!
Kids Konserve has launched their Blog. Look forward to tips, education, encouragement, and stories ("What's in your thermos?", "Small Voices, Big Ideas", "Why stainless steel?"and more).

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