Monday, April 13, 2009

Bored Inc.

I have a thing for tees with cooky sayings on them. That's why I love Bored Inc. Their motto is "It's Cute To Be Bored" and if you're sporting one of their shirts, or your kids are prancing around with one on, that is definitely the case!

The designs are much like a Japanese comic book or character. The colors are vibrant and eye catching, and material is soft and thick. There are few things that bother me as much as needing to wear a tee under a tee because it's so thin! Well, unless you're talking Target layering tanks/tees, but that's another story for another day.

Bored Inc. has characters ranging from ice cream cones, to sushi, to stinky poo! And with adorable sayings like "Crabby Cakes" and "Smarty Poo" (which is a poo with glasses on... HAHAHA!) there is something for everyone. See my crabby cakes over there?

Here is a bit more about Bored Inc.

Bored Inc. is a mother & daughter design team based out of Los Angeles.
Our goal is to create products that make your everyday life a little but cuter!
Our products include Decorama™ vinyl wall art, tees, tote bags, jewelry and accessories.
We have over 11 years of experience working with manufacturers on a wide variety of products, and are constantly on the lookout for new product and licensing opportunities..

Check out their entire selection of adult, kids, and baby clothing and don't forget their accessories and wall art! You can shop online HERE!

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