Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Should Be Sleeping

Things never go as planned in my house. They can change in an instant, and our travel plans for today are no different. Originally we were going to hit the open road when The Hubby got home from work, around 4pm. He called on his way and said he was exhausted and that maybe he would sleep for an hour when he got here. 30 minutes after coming in, sitting in his recliner, and not moving, he asked if we could just leave in the morning. He was exhausted. I get it. No problem, not a big deal, no worries, we'll leave tomorrow.

We are, again, shooting for the 4 o'clock hour, only this time in the AM. Do you see what time I am posting this? It is currently 12:40am. Ummm, that means I'll be getting 3 hours (or less!) of sleep. Yea, what a night for insomnia!

I layed in bed, staring at the ceiling and listening to the saturday night ambulance sirens (we live fairly close to a dispatch) and could. not. sleep. So, I got up, put together the few last minute things that I was going to be going in the morning (since now I will, apparently, be dragging @$ from lack of sleep) and then I sat on here. The computer. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Don't I know already that the computer is dangerous? Deadly even. I would go so far as to say it in instantly lethal. Mmhmm. I cannot just check email - ever. I cannot just approve comments - not once. It's a drug. (hahaha) My own personal brand of heroine as Edward Cullen would say. Sigh. The internet and blogging are my drugs of choice.

Speaking of drugs, maybe I should try some Unisom? That's the kind where your brain isn't all slosh in the morning, right? I've tried Tylenol PM and that put me on a mood roller coaster. Never again. Unisom is ok. Or maybe I'll just have a beer. Oh wait! I'm already having a beer. Just one. Bud Light.

Now I'm just rambling. Off to bed with me. Or shall I have another beer?

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