Friday, April 10, 2009

Breast Isn't Best? Say whaaat?!

I'm curious to know who has read about or heard the buzz about the article in The Atlantic by Hanna Rossin. The article is titled The Case Against Breastfeeding and it can be read here. I won't post any excerpts, but for those who have read it, here is my take.

The problem with women like her is that they are too self involved. If it's not fitting into THEIR life, THEIR schedule then it's just not worth it. I mean, who cares about the baby anyway right? It's the prissy yatch-bee (I don't say the "B" word) of an adult who we should all be fawning over. If it's slightly uncomfortable or takes persistence, we should just write her an excuse saying, "Sure, shortchange your baby because you don't feel like breastfeeding and are too busy" Well, you know what? Sometimes I don't feel like changing a diaper. It's gross. It's inconvenient. It's time consuming. Does that mean I stop changing diapers? Um, I'm pretty sure I would go to jail if I did that.

Hey! There's an idea. Maybe it should be illegal to not breastfeed if you and baby are fully capable. HA! Of course I'm kidding (kind of) but to question the benefit of breastmilk vs. formula is just asinine! Does she realize that we only know of a small percentage of the components of breastmilk? How on earth could it even be comprehensible then that a few dry ingredients stuck in a can and mixed with tap water are just as good for our babies? Does she not take into consideration that with every day, every letdown, and every nursing session the makeup of breastmilk can change, and may never be the same again. If breastmilk isn't so special after all, then perhaps she could explain to me why there is colostrum. Or, more importantly, why there isn't a colostrum can in the store? Hmmm, I wonder.

Maybe, just maybe, she's DEAD WRONG. Literally. Tainted formula is far from the health equivalent of breastmilk and has also been responsible for the death of far too many infants. I don't think I've ever heard of tainted breastmilk. Mmmm, nope.

Now, I don't want what I'm saying to be misconstrued. I understand that for some people it's simply impossible. I understand that breast vs. formula is a personal decision like vaccines, diet, cloth or disposable diapers, etc. But I also understand that this particular article, by this particular woman is wrong, and it would appear that she is trying to excuse laziness and self indulgence instead of being a cheerleader for the best health possible of our little ones. And I am just not ok with that!

I know this was brash, opinionated, to the point... and I'm usually not so one sided, but breastfeeding is near and dear to my heart. And I did use formula with my first son from 6 months one after my milk dried up, so it's not that I think formula feeding is evil. But saying that formula is as good for a baby as breastmilk is just assinine. It's like saying fruit snacks are just as good as fruit. Hardly the case.

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Jinxy said...

Great post. I can't imagine anyone thinking that formula is just as good/healthy as breastmilk.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

WOW, I'd better head over and read her article now! I am a firm believer in breastfeeding!

Capital Mom said...

Thanks for your post. This seems to be the topic of the day. I just read another ariticle on a similar theme at called The Breastfeeding Conspiracy.
I agree that breastfeeding is really important. It isn't easy though. Maybe part of the problem is that new moms are told it is "natural" and easy. While it is natural for the body to make milk, both the mom and the baby still need to learn how to work together.
Thanks again.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

I couldn't sit through the entire article, I got 3/4 down the page and was already disgusted with her nonsense and the message she was sending to mothers.

I agree with you 110%. Formula is not evil but it's not even close to breastmilk. I could write a book on my personal opinions about this topic, but I'll just leave it as breast is best (99.9% of the time)!

Ozzy's Mom said...

great post; i totally agree with you. breastfeeding is a choice that every mother should make. hard at first but easier in time. personally far more convenient that getting up at night to make milk!

and if she can't saying that it isn't best is plain ignorant of her.

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