Monday, April 20, 2009

New Moon Monday

My love of the Twilight Saga has been kept pretty much under wraps here on the blog, but all of that is changing. I am starting a new weekly feature, New Moon Monday, where I will tell all of the latest New Moon movie news that I have found throughout the previous week.

Today I am kicking us off with the FULL cast, all confirmed by Summit, and a behind the scenes teaser. It's sure to be delicious, and I plan to leave you thirsty for more every week. Be dazzled (Not to be confused with Bedazzling)!

New Moon Cast Yearbook - Courtesy of TwilightMOMS
(click the picture to view full size)

And now for the teaser. This has a few clips from shooting New Moon in it, with details on where and when to see more!

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