Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, like, I totally love It's, like, the most fabu place EVER. I met, like all of girlfriends there, well, *insert valley laugh* actually I met some real Betty's. Do you know what a Betty is? Well, they're only, like, the most fabu girls out there. Totally hot. Wicked hot. And then there are Baldwins. They are only, like, the most gorgeous most wanted boys EVER.

So, like I am cooking chicken in my, like crockpot. This post is probably coming across as, like, really stupid, and, like, it is. But I'm, like, in this America's Next Top Blogger competition that, like, I have to do all of this hard stuff to, like, win. So, like, right now I'm posting this, like, post in all, like Valley Speak.

Do you, like understand? Uh huh? So, um, like, what are you doing? Like, listen to this cheer.

Totally, for sure,
I just got a manicure,
The sun, I swear, it's totally bleaching out my hair.
Yay, yay, fight, fight,
Gee I hope I look alright!

Do we, like think I win???
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