Thursday, April 16, 2009

ZooniWear Mop Top Hats

Hats aren't just for winter anymore. I was recently told about ZooniWear and their adorable animal hats. These Mop Top Hats literally have long shaggy fibers that resemble the pieces of a mop, and they are paired with eyes, noses, ears, and mouths to create an animal on your animal's head!

ZoonieWear Hats come in a variety of styles which range from "Chunkee Monkey" to "Kate's Moss" and can be purchased in sizes as small as 0-6 months or as large as 2-5+ years! Want to add some extra pizazz? Add a pair of matching M'uppet Mittens. If you want to gift a set to someone but aren't sure which animal would best suit them, give a gift certificate.

I absolutely love the uniqueness of these hats. Not only do you have the cute factor of the animal, but the shaggy tops are unlike anything I've seen before. They are warm enough to use during the cold winter months, and breathable enough to pair with a cute spring or fall ensemble. And check out how ZooniWear gives back!

At Zooni, our commitment to giving back is ‘sewn in.’ We are deeply committed our communities and apply this belief to all of our creative and business choices.

Fair Labor. Our facilities pay a fair living wage to their workers and abide by local and international safety standards. Zooni also audits our vendors for social accountability on a continual basis.

The Environment. Over 70% of our packaging comes from recycled, bio-degradable materials.

Sharing Is Caring. At Zooni, we believe that the world’s children deserve to lead fulfilling lives. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits to local and international charities whose missions are to positively change the lives of children in need.

To check out the entire line of ZooniWear items and to purchase your own, head over to their website and pick your favorite!

ZooniWear is a Playdate Pick!
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