Sunday, April 12, 2009

Higher! Higher! and Baby Happy Baby Sad

My guys are so energetic that it can be so hard to find a book to keep their interest. They love words, but usually it's running off at the mouth as opposed to listening to me read them. I recently acquired 2 fantastic books by Leslie Patricelli called Higher! Higher! and Baby Happy Baby Sad that
Higher! Higher! Is is geared towards older kids, and every millimeter of space on that pages is filled with vibrantly colored pictures. My 3.5 year old loves it! The words are simple, but it allows him to make his own detailed story by describing the pictures and telling me which direction the girl is swinging. I love that his imagination becomes highly involved in this book, and it is so fun for us to read together!

Baby Happy Baby Sad is a board book meant for younger kiddos, but both of my boys, 1.5 and 3.5, love it. I think this is extremely helpful is aiding your child in identifying their emotions. As my oldest has grown we have encountered many a time where he was frustrated or mad and couldn't define why he was feeling that way and what caused it. This book gives some great examples as to what makes children experience positive and negative emotions, and also helps them identify the cause and effect of a situation and changes that can arise.

I highly recommend both of these books, and encourage you to check out the entire line of books by Leslie Patricelli!

This review was brought to you by Team Mom!

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