Monday, April 13, 2009

Life Is Crazy

Insane. Things have been hectic and rough with no end in sight. The most recent thing is my car. The Hubby has been driving my car since his was out of commission, and we finally got it fixed Saturday. I needed to have my brakes looked at and so I took the car in. Apparently the caliper is stuck on one of the back tired and they quoted me $1200!!!! That just doesn't sound right. I honestly think and they thought I was just some stupid woman who was going to take them at their word and eat the bill... NO WAY!! I've been calling around and have found a place that will do the same job for $500! Part alone are close to $300, even if we bought them, so that is definitely a discount. It's insane what these places try to charge!

On top of that, I left my wallet at the place I had my brakes inspected but didn't realize until after they closed. I call this morning and nope, they don't have it! How convenient, since you can't rip me off with my car you steal my wallet. Fabulous. Thankfully most of what was in there can be replaced with no problem. I called as soon as I realized it was gone and suspended my debit card, so no problems there, and I should be able to replace my license next week when we're in Alabama. But I did have about $200 cash in there that is gone. Gone, gone, gone. It was the money had I brought to pay for the brake work. Go figure.

So, if you don't mind, just say a prayer that things will start looking up soon. We are leaving Saturday to go back home to Alabama for a week again, and we have several things we need to get taken care of while we're there. I hope our trip goes smoothly, the drive is safe, and the boys don't have too hard of a time being in the car for that length of time again so soon.

P.S. My baby won't be a baby much longer, huh?
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Marianna said...

So sorry about your wallet and money, that stinks. And yeah, I totally feel like mechanics try to rip women off.

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