Thursday, February 26, 2009

Booda Brand

We all know that one big hurtle with our little ones is communication. Whether you start early using baby signs or maybe you just repeat the same words over and over to your baby with a constipated look on your face, we all try, and try hard, to get into their little heads.

Booda Brand allows your child to make a statement that is all their own. This high quality brand of eco-friendly, eco-conscious shirts has sayings that resonate with everyone. With phrases like, I Will Make A Difference, Dream, Courage, Peace, your baby will communicate with more than grunts and giggles. Well, I say baby, but these shirts come in long and short sleeved and go from size 12m to 4t. They are working on a baby and organic line, as we speak.

And not only is Booda Brand giving our children words to say, they are also helping children across the country have books of their own to read through the Room to Read program! For every shirt that is sold, one book is donated to a child. So visit Booda Brand's website today and see their entire line. Give a child a book, give your child a voice!

Booda Brand truly believes that education is
the key to breaking the continuous cycle of
poverty. As such we have founded a unique

business model called “One for You ,One for
Humanity!” based on the idea of reciprocity."

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