Thursday, February 5, 2009


"Pure energy, pure fun!" This is the perfect way to describe the Plasma Car that my boys recently acquired. If you make a trip to the toy store you can find every kind of play car imaginable but what sets this car apart from the crowd is...well, everything! Instead of relying on a battery, this car is powered by your child. Helping to improve coordination and reflexes through child-power is just one of the things that helped make Plasma Car the Toy of the Year!


Unlike other toys cars, the Plasma Car doesn't even need the pitter patter of little feet to make it move. Your little one simply places their feet on the appropriate spots and wiggles the steering wheel back and forth, and off they go! Now, I say little one, but I've known a few moms who took their Plasma Cars for a spin after the kids were down. It does have recommended ages of 3-12 (limit 120lbs), but that is definitely only recommended. The Plasma Car sits nice and low to the ground and this means even my 15 month old enjoys it! He obviously is not dextrous enough to twist the wheel while sitting with his feet on the right spots, but he can scoot it around and turn the steering wheel, and he has a grand time doing it!

This car makes an excellent toy for a wide age-range of children and is so much fun for the parents too. To check out their color options and buy a Plasma Car for your little people just cruise on over to their website by CLICKING HERE and let me know what you think!

Plasma Car is a Playdate Pick!

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Erin Tales said...

Way cool!

For you:

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

That is seriously a cool toy. I'll admit 120lbs or not, I'd probably hop on just to see it work. lol

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