Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top 5 Easiest Ways To Go Green

I hope you guys don't feel like I'm preaching to you about this subject, but going green is a big driving force in my life. I am trying to use the 3 Rs... REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! So, I decided to put together a simple list of the 5 easiest things I changed in my life to go green. I'm a simple kind of girl. If I want to make a change and stick to it, it has to be easy peasy! So here goes... my Top 5 list!

1. Stop Buying Individual Containers - I can hear you squawking now, "That's not easy! Those individual sizes are so much more convenient!" Well, let me put it to you this way. It is 100 times easier for me to wash 1 bowl of yogurt, than to find the sticky lids and empty molding cups hiding out in my house. And just think of all the different products you can do this with. Instead of buying individually packaged string cheese, buy a block and cut it into your own logs. Instead of buying bottles of water, invest in a few reusable bottles that you can keep filled and cooled in your fridge (Earthlust or Hydracoach are great!). If you get really adventurous, you could even buy a box of UNMADE pudding and {GASP!} make it yourself! *insert horrified shriek here*

2. Stop Shoving Wal-Mart Bags in Every Crevice - That's right, I called you on it. Cut the plastic bag habit. Not only are they a nuscance to have in every corner of your kitchen, but they're terrible for the environment. Get some awesome reuable bags like the Flip & Tumble, or Goody Green Bags, or Baggu Bags. These are all really easy to use bags, that are super convenient.

3. Recycle - Call your waste pickup company, ask about their recycling program (and if they don't have one, hound them until they get one). It's usually VERY low cost, and they provide you with a bin or 2. As easy as taking out the trash. Now, if I could only master getting The Hubby to take out the trash!

4. Stop Buying Disposables
- I almost never buy disposable paper products. Things like paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups, etc. only make my garbage pile up quicker and gives me more exscuses not to do dishes. The one exception are large get togethers where there will be lots of food. For times like this using Preserve's envionmentally concious disposables is the perfect alternative.

5. Go Organic - Organic alternatives to regular foods are now readily available in every grocery store. Instead of hopping your little ones up on sugar with Fruit Roll-Ups, switch to Fruitabu fruit leathers. Give them healthier alternatives with brands like Annie's, Horizon, Back To Nature, and Newman's.

It's really very simple, and all of these products are easy to find. I want you to make an effort to do ONE of these things. Then come back and tell me about it!

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Marianna said...

These are awesome tips Heather, and so easy to do! If everyone just did a few of these things, what a difference it would make.

Mom 2 Twins said...

Hi! I just found this website and was intrigued by #2 on your list. I was surprised to not see Chicobags on your list of reusable bags. I honestly looked at the 3 other links to see how really easy they were to use, and I just wouldn't take the time to fold up a bag. Too difficult! I have to use something that is super easy and convenient!
Chicobags stuff into a tiny integrated pouch. The design makes it EASY to always have one on hand; small enough to fit several in the bottom of my purse and easy to un-stuff and re-stuff. They are amazing! I've even gotten my kids on track with no more single-use bags!
Just wanted to pass along this info!

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