Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicks N Chickens

I love so many many things about my boys. Being pregnant, childbirth, raising them... all amazing experiences! If there were a downside to all of this though, it would be the havoc it has wreaked on my body. Any woman who has ever had a baby knows that your body is never quite the same. At my 6 week post pardum check-up my doctor stressed to me how important it was to start working on getting my body back immediately. She told me that I would have a much better chance of losing all of the baby weight if I got it down in the first year. Did I listen? Ummmm, nope. And that's why now I am in the fight to regain a healthier lifestyle and body.

I recently recieved Chicks N Chickens Lullaby Exercises, and I have to say that if I had this DVD when my first son was born I don't think I would neccesarily be in this predicament. One of the biggest hurdles in banshing the baby belly is finding time to workout when all you want to do is snuggle your new little one and gaze into their eyes. Finally, there is a workout that is simple enough to start almost immediatly after bringing baby home, and the best part is that you never have to put your baby down! With segments as short as a song, you can sling or hold your little one in your arms while you do these gentle exercises. The bouncy, swaying movements help lull your newborn to sleep, and if your baby is a bit older, these are the very same movements you use to soothe them.

But don't let the word gentle fool you! As your baby grows, so does the weight that you are now squatting and swaying. Which is actually perfect, because you end up aiding your body in recovering from childbirth at exactlly the right pace. As it can handle more, so can you. Darcy, who is the leading chick in the wonderful workout is so encouraging, but even more than that she reminds you to go at your own pace. A mama that is only a few weeks or months post-pardum cannot and should not work at the same level as someone like me with the 15 month old. You can make this as easy or as challengning and you need it to be!

With fun music, easily learned movements, and productive snuggle time with your bundle of joy this is, in my opinion, the best workout a new mommy could ask for!

Chicks N Chickens is a Playdate Pick!

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