Thursday, February 12, 2009

ImagiPLAY Wooden Toys TODAY

Why do we love watching our kids play? Well, for me, I love seeing the amazing and sometimes crazy things that their brains come up with. I love hearing them talk to and about the people they know and love, and I love, especially, watching my boys interact with each other. We don't do a lot of battery operated toys around here, because I really want to encourage my boys imagination to flourish and I want them to create their own adventures rather than relying on someone else's idea of fun.

ImagiPLAY produces natural toys with an educational edge to them. Imagination and learning rolled into one is always a winner! We have ImagiPLAY's wooden Pushalong Duck, and my boys love it. It can be a car, or a duck, or a plane, or anything else they will it to be. Made with rubber wheels to protect your floors (yay for my hardwoods!) this toy encourages younger kids to learn balance and fine tune their motor skills. In my mind, the Pushalong Duck is a throwback to classic toys and with it's durability will last through all your children, and hopefully still be around to be passed down to their children.

I love ImagiPLAY and their entire line of eco-friendly toys. Be sure to check out their whole selection on the ImagiPLAY website!

ImagiPLAY is a Playdate Pick!

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