Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

I'm a Thin Mints girl myself. Always have been, and probably on some level always will be. I did recently have the opportunity to try a brand new flavor of cookie courtesy of the Girl Scouts Of Nassau County. This Latin American inspired caramel cookie has a satisfying crunch with the sweet taste of caramel that just melts in your mouth. Without being sticky and gooey this yummy cookie stays true to the caramel flavor. And I'm sure you'll agree with me in agreeing that this new cookie does the Girl Scouts proud!

So, we salute you Girl Scout cookie makers! And we support you, Girl Scouts of America. And I thank you, Girl Scouts of Nassau County, for allowing me the privilege to try this unique new flavor! Be sure and support your local Girl Scout Troop by buying a box today!

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Lauren @4BabyAndMom said...

I recently pre-ordered mine from my favorite girl scout! Glad to hear they're yummy!

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