Monday, February 2, 2009


Family Game Night is one of the great American pastimes. But, somewhere along the way, it lost it's sizzle. Perhaps Monopoly became too mundane. It could've been that Pictionary became too passe'. Whatever the reason, most families no longer sit around the kitchen table, engaged in conversations about their week while laughing and munching on snacks.

I've stumbled across a game that can shake that all up. Jishaku. It's attraction (hardy har har) is that something new and fun and makes you jump can take the place of the old standys. This game of magnet attraction is unlike anything you've ever seen. Jishaku, which is the literal translation of the Japanese word magnet, is played on a foam force-field. You place each magnet in it's own eggshell shaped spot and from there the rules split ways. You can either try to collect as few magnets as possible, or try to take them all! Here is a great video from the Jishaku website that demonstrates all the fun and thrills!

Now all that's left is for you to head over to the Jishaku website and buy the game for your family! Just CLICK HERE!

Jishaku is a Play Date Pick!

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