Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Petit (Australia)

I love the smell of baby. That yummy, light, clean, fresh scent is something that cannot be duplicated. Then, of course we all know that there are times when our babies produce some not so nice smells. I won't put you through the trauma of naming them - I'm sure you encounter them enough on a daily basis, much like I do. Times like these are what make the line of Petit Infant products seem so ingenious!

Light scents that are safe for even your littlest ones, allow you to parfum your babe' in elegant fashion. From mild floral soaps to Orange Blossom Water, Petit is truly "
Big luxury for little kids." When you wash, or lotion, or your powder your baby with one of their fine scents you're sure to be sparking questions about the new baby scent your baby is wearing!

Petit is truly a one of a kind line of children's product so be sure to check out their website for yourself. Just CLICK HERE!

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