Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Haven't Been To School In So Long!

The Hubby and I are both looking at going to college. As a stay-at-home-mom for the past 4+ years, this is a pretty scary prospect. To have to deal with studying, teachers, grades, school supplies, placement tests, peer pressure, cliques, etc. etc. all over again... and before I have to deal with them for my boys, is, well, not exactly appealing. We've talked about going back to school for years, but we've never actually gotten off of our lazy butts to do it. Today was the action day.

Here's another thing, I'm not sure that what I'm planning for my major is what I want to do. This site is called Grab Bag Reviews because, well, my life is a grab bag. What you find in it is constantly changing. I have some common interests that stay true, and of course my family is always a huge part of it, but I flit. I'm like a hummingbird darting from flower to flower quickly. It's beautiful and mesmerizing to watch, but they sure do go through A LOT of flowers! That's why blogging is perfect for me! Everyday I get to find something new and different. Everyday I have the chance to convey my mood through a personal post, or a review of a product I love. Everyday I read new comments, from new people. Everyday my life is changing. Finally, it's matching my brain! *giggle*

And now this. It's such a mix of emotions, and the thought of going back to work before I'm ready, is terrifying. Not so much the working part, but the leaving my boys part. I've really put my foot down on this subject when The Hubby has wavered from our original vision, and now, I feel sort of like the rug is being swept out from under my feet. Sure, sure. I know. I'm agreeing to it. But, what if we have more babies? Which I fully intend on doing - I want pink in my house somewhere!

So, this is a pointless post, really. I just needed to get the round and round that is going on in my head out on out on blogger? I know I'm not the only one going through these kind of decisions, especially with the economy right now. Who else has had to deal with quitting the stay-at-home-mom profession, or going back to college at an older age?

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