Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*ENDED* Truvia Giveaway!

I recently started dieting. It's always such a nasty word, and the mere thought of dieting sends my sweet tooth into hysterics. I've always been a cake and candy girl, so on a daily basis I have to have something sweet to satisfy me. I don't like diet sodas, sugar free chocolate is dangerous to the intestines, and all the fake sweeteners out there... yuck!

When I first heard about Truvia (tru-VEE-yuh)I was honestly excited. I knew all about the stevia plant, but also knew that it can be hard to find unless you're willing to scour the local health food store. But now we have Truvia! It's made from the stevia plant, but without the funky after taste stevia was known for. It's readily available on all the major store shelves, it has ZERO calories, and... oh yea, the most important part. It tastes fantastic!!

My first time trying Truvia was in a cup of tea. It was good, but hey, it's just tea right? Next time I used it in my coffee. PERFECT! Then I got braver and put it on cereal. It made my unsweetened Cheerios taste so sweet and yummy! Then the big test. My family has made strawberry shortcake ever since I can remember. The strawberries are simple, but, by far, the most important part. It's easy, you just slice up fresh strawberries, add sugar, and let it all marinate until you have a beautifully scrumptious strawberry topping. So, for Valentine's Day I made an ultra light version of my family's decadent shortcake. I used angel food cake as the base, and the strawberries were mixed with Truvia. Now, because the sweetness of Truvia far outweighs that of sugar I used less than normal, so I didn't know how the ratio would work out. It was so delectable! The berries were perfectly sweet, and even though I knew there was no sugar, I couldn't tell a difference in the taste!

One Grab Bag reader is going to have the Truvia experience theirself, for FREE! Everyone else can go and buy a box at your local store! The winner here will not only get their boix of Truvia but also a branded garden tote and gloves!

How To Enter: Go to Truvia's website and tell me what local store carries Truvia. INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Extra Entries:please leave in separate comments
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Contest ends March 8th. Please leave your email address.

Truvia is a Playdate Pick!

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Jingle said...

It looks like several local stores carry it including the one I use most often, which is Hannaford's in Milford!
jinglesells at gmail dot com

judybrittle said...

Kroger Store
30991 Woodward Ave
Royal Oak MI 48073-0923
(248) 2886325
Which is right down the street from us. Thank you!

Heather said...

Super Stop & Shop
275 Highland Ave
Cheshire CT 06410-2522
(203) 2721011

Beth said...

Looks like a great product but I could not find any stores within a hundred miles of me that carry the product

clynsg said...

Looks like only the Homeland stores in Catoosa and Pryor carry it. There might be some in Tulsa, but it didn't pick them up, since it is markedly further away!

clynsg at

Plowlady said...

THe local store for ME is Pathmark, Franklin Square, NY

mariannakeough at

Jackie B. said...

Been wanting to try this product. It is available at my local Publix Super Market.

toohotforturtle said...

Baby Fever Button is on my blog at

Tamara B. said...

Winn Dixie and Publix grocery stores in our area carries the product.

Deirdre said...

its saying no stores for NYC!? but since its available at Whole Foods I would just get it there

ColleenMarie82 said...

There are no local stores in my area that carry it. But it did say that it was carried at Walmart and Wholefoods so I might be able to get it there.

Tj and Amy said...

it said there wasn't any local stores near me. but i know where a walmart is not too far away.

J BOLF said...

Looks like for me, several stores carry it and especially Kroger where I spend all of my paycheck it seems!!

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